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Why it’s Necessary for Your Pet to See a Veterinarian in Markham Annually

Next to a healthy diet and regular exercise, an annual exam with your pet’s veterinarian in Markham is the best way to maintain your furry friend’s health. However, despite the fact that pet ownership in North America is on the rise, many people neglect to provide their animal companions proper veterinary care. Some pet owners are reluctant to pay vet bills and others feel they’re doing their nervous pup or kitty a favour by avoiding annual exams. The truth is that there are many reasons that the annual exam is critical. Here are the top four.

1. Determining needs based on lifestyle

Every pet is unique. Though there are commonalities within breeds, each animal is nevertheless an individual. Lifestyle, temperament and environment can have a huge influence on your pet’s health. Determining what preventative health measures are required can only be determined by discussing your pet’s daily habits with a veterinarian. Which vaccinations are required, what type of diet is most suitable and what pest prevention medications should be administered are a few lifestyle-specific concerns a vet can help you determine.

2. A baseline for what good health means for your pet

What’s normal for your pet may align closely with what’s normal for their breed. Or, it may not. Your pet may naturally sit on the high or low end for weight, blood sugar level, white blood cell count and other health factors. By establishing a health history for your pet, your veterinarian can clearly determine when there are alterations to your animal companion’s unique baseline for wellness. Being able to easily detect anomalies can be a potentially life-saving advantage.

3. Your pet ages quickly

Though not entirely accurate, the general assumption that a single year of life for a cat or dog is equivalent to seven human years will give you a good sense of the accelerated rate at which your pet ages. A lot changes for your furry friend in the span of a year, as much—or more—as would change for you over a much longer period. Therefore, though an annual exam—biannual for seniors and those with medical complications—may seem frequent, it really isn’t when considering your pet’s rapid rate of aging.

4. Your pet won’t tell you something’s wrong

Even the most attentive pet owner may not realize that something is amiss with their pet’s health. Though some health anomalies are visible, others may be difficult or impossible to spot. Animals don’t communicate about their ailments the way humans do. What’s more is some pets may even make efforts to hide their pain or discomfort. Therefore, regular exams from a veterinarian in Markham can detect complications you can’t—when they’re easier and less costly to treat.

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